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America's Beach Sand

America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
America's Beach Sand
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  • Unit: Cubic Yard
  • Weight: 2,350.00lb
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Local Utah Naturally occurring mined White Beach Sand. Works great for sand boxes, water features, installing pavers, flagstone and other hardscapes. Sands found in coastal or beach areas are more likely to contain organic materials or brine due to their proximity to aquatic environments. These sands can accumulate organic matter from decaying marine organisms, such as shells, algae, or organic debris washed ashore. Additionally, the presence of brine, which are concentrated solutions of salt and water, can occur in sands near coastal regions where saltwater intrusion or brackish water is prevalent. This can happen in areas where freshwater aquifers interact with seawater, leading to the formation of brine within the sand layers.

May contain Silica sand. Customers ask pretty often about this compound.  Silica sand is a naturally occurring type of sand composed mainly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) particles. Unlike other sands, which may contain a mix of minerals, silica sand is distinguished by its high silica content. This abundance of silica makes it a preferred material for various industrial applications, including glass production, foundry casting, hydraulic fracturing, and water filtration. Its widespread availability and consistent particle size make it a versatile resource in many industries.

Applications Include



Walkway / Pathway

Flower Beds / Garden Beds


Patio Subbase

NOTICE:  Product is unwashed and usually contains between 1-5% fines but never more than 10%.  Color and gradation may vary.  Roundness and sharpness may vary.


Product Information
Family Group Oquirrh
Unit Cubic Yard
Processing Screened
Usage Flower Beds / Garden Beds
Color Tones Red / Pink / Orange
Lbs / Yard 1900-2400
Rock Class Size <1" (Small)
Rock Family Metamorphic
Appearance Angular / Fractured
Rock Classification Quartzite


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