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Return Policy

All sales of products and services are final. Some returns may be approved by management but will require a 20-50% restocking fee depending on the product. All loading and return shipping costs are the responsbiilty of the customer.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I don’t like my product?

  • We encourage anyone who has questions or concerns about the specificaitons of a product or service to review the product/service listing carefully. In many cases samples or examples projects will be available to view before ordering. With many products quality, color, condition, specifications may vary per order.
  • Make sure you are aware of the tolerances that may be allowed by if you are concerned about being satisified with your order.
  • Returns are only allowed in certain cirumstances. If the wrong product is delivered or if the product is not as described in the product listing will work with the customer on exchanging the product. Keep in mind that many of the products provided may vary greatly due to the nature of production.

Why are all sales final?

  • Most of the products and services provided thru are either wholesale rates/processing, specialized, made to order, non-returnable to manufacture/supplier, etc.

A return was authorized but why is the restocking fee so high?

  • Most products being provided thru are shipping directly from the manufacture/supplier. The product provided likely won’t be able to go back into normal inventory and may have to be shipped direclty to a 3rd party at a discounted rate if possible. 

What if I never picked up my order or my order was never delivered?

  • Cancellations are treated the same as Returns and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. However in most cases with cancellations a refund will be provided minus a 20-50% cancellation/restocking fee.See the Cancellation Policy page for more information.