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Placement by Skid-steer

Placement by Skid-steer
Placement by Skid-steer
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Let us help you get you project done faster!  Our skid-steer placement service is great for Do It Yourselfers that just need some man and machine power to help get the job done.  Service does not include design consultation, ground preparation, fabric placement, compaction, fine grading, etc.  Product to be placed purchased separately.  This is not a landscaping service but a material placement service to help distribute product to needed areas. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CLEANUP such as sweeping of stockpile area, traveled areas, etc.

Applications Include

  • Material placement for RV parking
  • Gravel, Pebbles and Cobble placement for landscaping
  • Sand placement for play areas
  • Backfill placement (compaction not included)

LIMITATIONS:  Distance between stock pile and placement locations must be no more than 100'. There must be at least 10' width clearance and 10' height clearance in all travel and placement areas.  Additional fees may apply but will be made known to customer prior to project start or continuance.

NOT RESPONSIBLE:  We are not responsible to repair ANY damage to driveway, parking area, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, grass, sod, sprinklers, landscaping, flowers, plants, weeds, etc.  While we attempt to prevent any damage to property we can``t prevent or guarantee any risk of property damage.  Property damage may include cracked concrete, chipped concrete, tire marks, oil stains, indents, scratches, broken pipes, broken sprinklers, dead grass, lawn indents, lawn holes, etc.  Property owner is responsible for any costs to repair property damage.

CONSIDER THIS:  If you are only needing 1-4 Ton of material placed or worried about the damage a skidsteer may cause you might consider our PLACEMENT BY WHEELBARROW & SHOVEL service.  Save money and/or reduce the impact a skidsteer may have on your landscape.

NOTICE:  By ordering this service customer releases and it's affiliates from any damage that my occur. Service may be provided by a affiliate.  All Terms and Conditions apply.


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