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DIY Flagstone Paito

Adding a Flagstone Patio to your yard can really elivate your landscaping and stand the test of time. Flagstone is durable and less likely to crack or shift due to weather conditions. 

Materials Needed 



  • Shovel
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tamper
  • Skid Steer *Optional for projects requiring digout, leveling or large quantity placement.
  • Sod Cutter *Optional for easy removal of existing sod.

1 – Mark and Measure

Mark and measure the area

Find the boundaries of your soon to be Patio. If needed contact local bluestakes to mark underground utilities. Calculate the square footage of the area.


2 – Level and Clear

Level and clear the area

Make sure your area is clear of all sod, debris and weeds. Fill in any holes or low areas and compact the soil for a sturdy base. 


3 – Order Materials

Order Materials

 Order the needed quantity of flagstone, paver sand and if needed road base. 


4 – Placement


If needed lay roadbase down and compact using the tamper to provide a sturdy base. Dump paver sand into desired area. Use shovels to spread material over area, rake to level and use tamper settle sand. Place Flagstone on sand making sure to apply weight to help settle into sand. Lastly enjoy. 


  • Is road base always needed? No. Road base is often placed to provide a compact sturdy base to help prevent further settling creating low areas. If ground is already hard and compact road base may not me needed. 
  • How deep does my paver sand need to be? Approx. 2” deep is what we would recommend. This will allow the flagstone enough depth to compact well and keep the flagstone from shifting.