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DIY Animal Area

Adding an animal area to your yard can make a safe and clean environment for many pets. Materials used in an animal area can help reduce mud around the yard and in your home. 

Materials Needed 


  • Shovel & Rake
  • Measuring Tape
  • Skid Steer *Optional for projects requiring digout, leveling or large quantity placement.
  • Sod Cutter *Optional for easy removal of existing sod.


1 – Mark and Measure

Mark and measure the area

Find the boundaries of your soon to be sand box. Calculate the square footage of the area


2 – Level and Clear

Level and clear the area

Level the area would like to place your animal run. Make sure the area is free of debris and weeds. Compact the ground to give a sturdy base. 


3 – Order Materials

Order Materials

If you’ll be using landscape fabric to help reduce weeds be sure to order it first so it can be intalled before the desired material arrives. Order the needed quantity of material.


4 – Placement


If you are placing your material directly on the ground make sure you lay your fabric down first to prevent weed growth. Using wheelbarrow and shovels place material in animal area. Rake material to help level. 



  • What type of material do I need for my chicken run? Paver sand works well for chickens because it holds in heat and doesn’t track as easily into water and food dishes.
  • What type of material do I need for my dog run?  Insta-Path and Gravel are great for dogs because it can be softer on thier paws and drains well.
  • What type of material do I need for my horse area? Paver Sand works well for horses because it doesn’t have large rock to get stuck in hooves and it drains well.