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1)  Unless otherwise approved in writing we do not guarantee that an item, product, material, etc will be delivered to a certain location on the property, in the home or surrounding area.  Customer must accept at least a curbside delivery and provide adequate from for the products delivered.

2)  An estimated delivery date and time is provide and usually requested by the customer.  It is our goal to delivery on time every time but if for any reason your order is not delivered on time a discount or refund WILL NOT be provided unless otherwise agreed upon in writing before customers order is processed.

3) or subcontractors, freight provides or employees are not responsible for any damage cause to public property, personal property, neighbors property etc.

4)  Delivery quotes provided online via the cart estimator, checkout or other sections of the site may not be correct and all orders are subject to review and approval by  If the freight rates are incorrect or unable to be honored by the customer will the opportunity to cancel their order and receive a full refund or pay the difference in the increased rate.  Most common freight charges quoted may not include the individual weight for each product.

Before ordering Bulk Standard Delivery:

  • Understand that the product(s) will be delivered via dump truck and dump bulk/loose. No packaging of any kind.
  • Understand that the load will be delivered by a very large truck (actual truck size may depend on load size and/or truck availability). Because of the size and weight of the delivery truck areas that the truck can dump could be limited.
  • Know the regulation and ordinances of your area. If you are having the load dumped on the street make sure to remove and clean the road in the time allowed. As necessary or as required mark the pile with reflective cones, flags, etc. During evening hours it is most important to mark the pile sufficiently.
  • If load is returned for any reason or canceled within 10 business hours of the delivery/shipping charge will still be due plus a restocking fee of 35% will be assessed.
  • Request to see the material before the truck dumps to insure that the correct product was delivered. If the wrong product was loaded into the truck the load will be redelivered at no additional cost. If the quality is not to expectations but within description of the product return fees and restocking fees will still apply if returned.
  • Any load that is dumped becomes the responsibility of the customer and any return may require heavy equipment to reload the material. These services are only included at an additional cost or must be provided by the customer. Additional trucking charges and restocking fees would apply.
  • If the online checkout or sales representative allows more than 1 product to be on the same delivery additional charges may apply to separate the materials using super sack bags or other means. The option to have multiple products on one load may be restricted to product quantities, loading locations, delivery location, type of products, truck types available, etc. Orders that have been placed that have multiple products will need to be reviewed before delivery. The order may be canceled and a full refund will be provided if is unable to find a solution that works for the customer. Bulk delivery is intend to be via dump trucks delivering only 1 product at a time but we will work with all customers to see fi there is a more economical method to get multiple products in one shipment.

Bulk Standard Delivery includes:

  • An Estimated Time of Arrival time slot. (ETA)
  • Delivery of your product(s) in "Bulk" (Not packaged in any way)
  • Delivered by dump truck
  • Delivered to a location that the truck can easily and safely get to which is usually the driveway or curbside of the property.
  • Release of Responsibility from the customer for any damage that may occur from the delivery. Customer takes full responsibility for material that is dumped curbside or on the customer``s property or any other designated area.

Most deliveries should arrive during the given ETA but if you require that the truck arrive at an exact time please inquire for special order pricing that would have the truck scheduled to arrive early to increase the chance of the delivery being on-time. 

Bulk Standard Delivery DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Guaranteed delivery time.
  • Guaranteed dump location.
  • Placement or install service of any kind. Delivery only.
  • Repair to any damage that may occur from the delivery.
  • Refund for loads that are unable to dump due to there not being an area for the truck to dump. Restocking fee may also apply.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before ordering. If the customer has the truck pull off the road or driveway on to the dirt, sod or any other unpaved/unimproved surface if the truck gets stuck the customer will be responsible for any tow fees plus up to $85 per hour for truck time for the stuck dump truck.