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3rd Party Sellers

How it works accept orders for products and services that 3rd Parties can fulfill.

What does it cost?


  • No Monthly/Yearly Fees
  • No Membership Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Processing Fees

*Referral fee may vary for some specific products, categories, customers, sellers, order, etc.

Getting Paid collects payments directly from the customer. The 3rd Party then collects payment directly from upon fulfillment of the order. The amount the 3rd Party collects from will be the amount after deduction of the referral fee or agreed upon rate for the specific product(s) or service(s) provided. In most cases the 3rd Party is authorized to receive payment via VISA credit card charge immediately after fulfillment of an order. If the 3rd Party prefers to collect payment via Check or Elecronic Transfer the payment period may vary. Progress payments on larger orders may be considered for approval. ALL PAYMENTS/CHARGES MUST REFERENCE THE ROCKUTAH.COM ORDER ID #. ALL 3RD PARTIES MUST DOCUMENT FULFILLMENT OF ORDERS BY PROVIDING ROCKUTAH.COM HIGH QUALITY IMAGES/PHOTOS/PDFs THAT PROVIDE PROOF OF DELIVERY/SERVICE OF THE ORDER FULFILLED. ALL DOCUMENTS SENT TO ROCKUTAH.COM MUST REFERENCE THE ROCKUTAH.COM ORDER ID #. 

Returns / Warranties

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing and 3rd Parties do not allow returns or provide a warranty on the products and services provided. All sales are final and payments made to 3rd Party Sellers are final. In some cases a product or service may include a warranty or option for return but and the 3rd Party seller must agree upon such terms in writing and provide written documentation to the customer.

Liability / Insurance / Licensing

All 3rd Parties take responsibility and liability in fulfilling orders. If any complaint, issue, damage, legal dispute, missing delivery, incomplete service, etc may arise it is the 3rd Parties responsibility to resolve that matter. 3rd Parties are required to have an insurance policy as required by law or policy per indsustry standard to protect itself, employees, personal property, etc. If a 3rd Party is required to obtaining licensing, permits, permission, etc to provide a service or product it is the responsiblity of the 3rd Party to obtain such at its own cost and effort. ROCKUTAH.COM IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY ORDERS BEING FULFILLED BY A 3rd PARTY. IN THE EVENT THAT A CUSTOMER DOES HAVE A COMPLAINT ROCKUTAH.COM WILL CREATE A SUPPORT TICKET AND HELP MEDIATE ANY MATTERS BUT ONLY AS A MEDIATER AND NOT A RESPONISBLE PARTY FOR THE CUSTOMER OR THE 3rd PARTY.

Get Started

If you are interested in providing products or services thru please contact Tyler @ 8018728853