Watering grass and plants can be super expensive and high maintenance, fortunately theres a solution: xeriscaping. Park strips can create a lot of curb appeal when done the right way and using gravel can be a perfect option to cut back on water usage! Xeriscaping can be done in many ways and usually comes down to personal style preference but here are some basic ideas to help get you started! 

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is not always necessary but it can help aid in weed prevention. It's usually recommended you still used a weed spray every so often to prevent any seeds from rooting down on top of your fabric. We offer landscape fabric in multiple widths and lengths so you get exactly what you need!


Gravel sizes and colors vary so much. Since park strips are usually pretty thin and in a high traffic area next to sidewalks, it's best to pick a size not too small that it will be kicked around or be too big to not have good coverage. Sizes around 1" usually work well. For color, you can either choose something very neutral such as our Oquirrh Gravel or if you're feeling more bold you could go with our White Marble Stone. It's important to take into consideration the colors of your home and what would best compliment it. 


Boulders are another great option to add visual interest if you have larger spaces to fill. Many customers also use boulders as a barrier for any unwanted cars straying off-road in hazardous places. Our boulders come in many shapes, sizes and colors and the best part is you can pick them out yourself at our quarry if you have something very specific in mind! 


If you're looking for something a little more organic for your park strip, we have several different options in colors and texture for mulch


If you choose to add plants to your xeriscaping, it's always best to check what hardiness zone you live in to find out what plants will work best with your climate and won't require a lot of water. You can google this information and simply by typing in your zip code you can find out your zone and what plants will thrive in your area.

As always, we at ROCKUTAH want to make sure you are happy with your projects and are here to help! Call us at 801-938-3884 with questions and concerns!